This Global Beauty Brand Is Now Owned By Two Black Female Business Moguls

Founded in 1994, Black Opal uses advanced technology and science to create specific products for women with melanated skin. The line also addresses common issues for people with darker skin, such as hyperpigmentation, brightness, and enlarged pores. The brand was originally created by a chemist for his wife due to the lack of product options in the beauty industry at the time. The founder worked closely with an African American dermatologist to develop products specifically formulated for melanated skin.

Black Opal, a global beauty brand that has long catered to women of color, is now black-owned. The company announced Monday that former White House Social Secretary Desiree G. Rogers and sales and marketing expert Cheryl Mayberry McKissack acquired the 25-year-old skincare and makeup line. However, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Desiree Rogers Cheryl Mayberry McKissack

Cheryl Mayberry McKissack and Desiree Rogers (Courtesy of Black Opal)


Despite being under new ownership, Mayberry McKissack said the brand will uphold its founder’s fundamental values. “When we acquired Black Opal our goal was to stay true to the founders’ passion,” she said in a statement.

Mayberry McKissack, who is now president of Black Opal, also said that she and Rogers plan “to continue to grow the company and bring high-quality products to the market.” She added that another focus will be to “on creating a positive impact in our communities.”

Rogers, who will operate as Black Opal’s CEO, said that they are “delighted to own Black Opal, a company created almost three decades ago, to address the makeup needs for people of color.” She went on, saying, “Together Cheryl and I are looking forward to creating even more innovative products and continuing to grow the brand globally.” Continue Reading:

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