Caesars Superdome renovation to be finished in 2024

The Caesars Superdome is more than halfway through their $450 million renovation. The finishing touches should be in place for the beginning of the Saints 2024 season, and that will carry the venue into the 2025 Super Bowl. The Dome was built in 1975, ancient by NFL standards, but it can still boast being one of the top spots in the NFL.

Caesars Superdome Case Study -

“The Superdome is still considered one of the top 10 in the league by the fans. They enjoy coming here. With these improvements, we will be in the top five or six.

Superdome renovations moving forward as pandemic rules ease

Now certainly, Sofi Stadium (Los Angeles), Allegiant (Las Vegas), the newer buildings, there are some things here we cannot change. We were talking about this earlier, we are addressing a number of the architectural features that were built into this facility back in 1975. We are changing the geometry in some places, the entry points. We are changing the way this building functions,” said Doug Thornton, Executive Vice President, ASM Global.

The Superdome is the fifth oldest stadium in the NFL. The Bears, Packers, Chiefs and Bills are the only ones that play in older venues. (WVUE)