T.I. Says That ‘Nobody F-cking’ with Him When It Comes to Rapping

The father of seven continued on proving his case as to why he believes and knows he is the best. He said, “when you’re talking about doing music, when you’re talking about cutting records, n–ga, you talking about putting shit out, talking about making sh-t that’s better than anything out there. Man, ain’t nobody f–king with me. Nobody f–king with me, bruh.”

He went on to say even if the listener prefers another artist over him, it does not mean that they are actually a better artist. “Now you might like somebody else better,” he said. “There might be somebody else, you know ‘I like this better than I like T.I.’ Okay, fine. Because you like them better. That’s cool. That’s your preference “That’s cool; that’s your preference. But n–ga, when it comes to putting sh-t out, ain’t nobody f–king with me, man.”

T.I. said that he felt the need to explain himself because sometimes people get things “twisted and tangled.” So he’s come to straighten them out and let them know that, “When it comes to getting behind that motherf—ing mic, n–ga, putting some shit to music, ain’t nobody f—ing with me, n–ga. None of them.” (Continue Reading)