NOLA Nobles Photoshoot Empowers Black Men of New Orleans

For the seventh year in a row, Black men will be celebrated through a free, professional photo shoot.

The NOLA Nobles photoshoot is designed to highlight Black men in New Orleans and build their self-esteem. This year it includes men from other parts of Louisiana, and the theme this year is “Matters of the Heart” – an opportunity to check on one another after two life-altering years of civil unrest and the coronavirus pandemic.

Plaid is the wardrobe choice for the 2021 shoot – Torrence Taylor, the creator of the event, chose the pattern because of the beauty in its complexity.

“It’s hard to try to dress plaid up,” says Taylor. “When you’re talking about bringing different plaids together, it’s very complex but it’s also a very beautiful thing to have all those colors together. It’s also a representation of our life. Our story. It’s very complex, but when we come together, it’s a beautiful thing.”

If you would like to be part of the photoshoot on MLK Day, stop by Peaches Records from 2 pm to 5 pm with your plaid suit. All local photographers are welcome to participate. (Courtesy of WDSU New Orleans)