Puma Launches The Ferrari ION F Sneaker

Ferrari evolved their legacy of Sportscars from day one designing remarkable silhouettes and generating pure power on the streets. PUMA got inspired by the aerodynamics and engine boost of those icons featuring the Prancing Horse. The elevated shoe design of PUMA and Ferraris

latest collaboration – called ION F – embraces iconic features of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale translated directly into the footwear. The shape of the reflective TPU panel in the rear of the shoe wrapped by a PU Foam gathered the inspiration by the dynamic front spoiler of the SF90. Clean and rich mesh materials on the upper with a knitted sock construction generate a jawdropping look without compromising comfort. The premium magnetic fit-lock buckles up your feet for the next G-force driven serpentine road.

The ION F is part of Ferraris new fashion collection. The range is inspired by the connection of the curves of Ferrari cars and the human anatomy highlighting the link between clothing, car and body design choices that translate into a robotic outlook. The capsule is an act of translation, both visual and functional. It originates in the iconic design of well-known Ferrari cars, that have been studied, dissected, morphed and ultimately turned into wearable items.