Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Michael Jordan for His Weak Support of Labron James!

Last week, Donald Trump had just finished watching the CNN interview with LeBron James and decided to jump on Twitter and call Don Lemon the “dumbest man on television” and essentially call LeBron James, who just opened an entire school for kids, stupid.

At the end of his tweet, he referenced that he preferred Michael Jordan as a player as opposed to LeBron.

Within 24 hours, MJ had responded and stated, “I support LJ.” Michael Jordan’s response to President Donald Trump’s controversial tweet was simply not enough for Shannon Sharpe.


“I support L.J.,” Jordan told NBC News through his spokesperson. “He’s doing an amazing job for his community.” – Michael Jordan

On Monday’s edition of the ‘Undisputed,’ the hall of fame tight end wished Michael Jordan came a little harder in his response by personally calling out Trump just as he did LeBron and Don Lemon.

“I believe the retort should also name him,” Sharpe said. “And it should also be equally as harsh. This is the one time, Michael, you have criticize get out of jail free pass because of what President Trump said about Don Lemon. What he said about LeBron James, given his track record over the past year what he’s said about other prominent African Americans. And you chose, you support LJ? You support him as what? As a father? As a family man? What exactly are you supporting? Michael wants to swim, but he doesn’t want to get wet.”

Man yacross the sports world have came in defense of LeBron James following the President’s Tweet, and as of Monday evening, Lebron has yet to respond back. (Darrelle Lincoln)