Hip-Hop Celebrities are Dropping The Mic On Internet Trolls’ Mean Tweets!

“S**tty music or not, I’m doing way better than you.”

Shit-talking Social Media Trolls got short shrift from these Hip Hop Celebs.

Jimmy Kimmel changed up his “Mean Tweets” segments on Thursday night, during which he invited a bunch of rap artists to read the horrible things some people write about them on Twitter.

Eve, 50 Cent, A$AP Rocky, Dj Khaled, Big Sean and Pusha-T all recited and then responded to the abusive posts. But the best reaction came from T-Pain, who fired back at one particular troll in hilarious style.

50 Cent kicks off the segment, reading a message that he “is a moron and needs to be kicked in the b——-.” In response, the rapper notes, “I think you should take your violent thoughts and place your energy somewhere a little more productive.”

Some social media trolls went for really personal digs, with one writing, “Yo DJ Khaled, focus on getting your own fat a– in shape guy, you can’t inspire people to great when you haven’t seen your dick in years.”