Cardi B and Offset are setting the record straight on those cheating rumors.

According to The Shade Room, Offset’s Twitter account was also hacked. Cardi B even showed a video of Offset’s Twitter account privacy settings and noted the two were attempting to reset or change his password.

“Your wife @IAmCardiB has a OPEN CRIMINAL CASE, why are you writing me you don’t respect her ???????” Jade captioned a video of her opening the alleged DM. “Theirs [sic] a lot of sh*t I haven’t exposed yet, but there’s a time for that I’m the QUEEN of talking sh*t now I’m backing it up,” Jade wrote.

After Jade’s post, fans quickly began bashing Offset for allegedly trying to cheat on Cardi again Opens in New Window. Cardi B. took to Social Media to deny Jade’s claims and to verify that Offset’s Social Media accounts were hacked.

“Hey guys. So, as you can see, this guy’s Instagram has been hacked,” she said in one video. “We look crazy. We just woke up. We’ve been sick throughout the whole damn night…Anyways, you know, I know babe, you’ve done some dumb s–t. Everybody knows he’s done some dumb s–t. But come on now, [he’s] not dumb. He’s not crazy. we’ve been so good. We had a sweet weekend. Our life has been good. He’s not going to play himself like that. That’s why I’m not going to entertain that. That’s why I’m not getting rowdy. Simple as that.” “Everybody know he’s done some dumb s— ... but c’mon … n—as ain’t crazy,” she added.  “We’ve been so good, we had a sweet weekend, life has been good,” Cardi went on. “That’s why I ain’t getting no rowdy. Simple as that. Okay, love you guys.”

Offset further explains, “I ain’t on no bull***t man,” Offset said in a video of him scrolling through his phone. On Cardi’s Story, he even showed an email he received from Instagram, confirming that his account was hacked.

Cardi B and Offset are trying to let fans know that Offset didn’t send that DM to Jade. We guess.