Were Jay-Z And Aaliyah Dating?

Aaliyah was an amazing singer and a beautiful young woman before her untimely death in 2001. Although she didn’t share too much about her personal life, rumors have swirled that she and Jay-Z may have dated back in the day. Did the two friends have a romantic relationship?

New details have come out revealing the truth. Dash, Jay-Z’s business partner, and friend and Aaliyah’s boyfriend has spoken out and has revealed the truth about these two and whether or not they were in a romantic relationship or if they were just close friends.

Damon Dash or Dash as his friends called him was recently interviewed by Page Six and has revealed the truth. It seems that back then, Jay-Z had deep feelings for the ‘More Than a Woman‘ singer.

Dash tells the media outlet that although Aaliyah never reiterated the feelings toward Jay-Z, he tried really hard to get her to date him. According to Dash, Aaliyah was so beautiful and so fun to be around that everyone wanted to get with her. He said that a lot of guys tried really hard to date her. (Courtesy of The Blast)

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