Cardi B responds to Tekashi’s testimony, “I Am a Blood … But Not Nine Trey”

According to TMZ, Cardi B seems to be taking issue with her rep … saying she IS a Blood, but absolutely not associated with 9 Trey. Cardi explained, in a tweet, she’s a member of the Brim Bloods set.  A rep for Cardi has denied the claim she’s a member of the Bloods, telling TMZ, “This is not true.”

Cardi B has also been roped into Tekashi’s case — during cross examination, he confirmed she was a member of the Bloods. TBH, the reference to Cardi seemed totally gratuitous — under cross-examination, Aljermiah Mack’s attorney asked Tekashi if he had copied the blueprint to Cardi’s success by using gang members in his projects. Tekashi denied it. Tekashi testified he offered Nine Trey members $50,000 to rob and shoot at Harv after the kidnapping incident. He also just testified rapper Jim Jones is a member of Nine Trey.

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