When Bullying Goes Too Far,…

North Carolina rapper Cam Coldheart learned a valuable lesson about bullying and underestimating your hip hop opponent.  DaBaby and Cam Coldheart were involved in a showdown in SouthPark Mall’s Louis Vuitton store which didn’t involve a battle of the Bars.  Cam’s interpretations of events doesn’t correspond in nature with DaBaby’s version. Cam post several follow-up videos explaining his account of the encounter.  The Instagram videos speak volumes.

“Caught me slippin dolo,” Cam said in the caption. “Silver back from the slums this ain’t shit. Mfs bounce back from mfs jumpin em everyday. No statements made cam back for my belt told 12 I ain’t wanna talk. I got up walked to the car and made a post.

“Yea I’m hurt as hell. Once again go to Loui in South Park and ask this security in Loui how many ppl jumped me when they rushed me dolo. He got his security wit em dressed like regular dude wit a legal strap @dababy keep it g u jumped me wit ya security and left me pretty, other than some scratches.”

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Silver Back

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“They run up on me in the Louis store and start swinging and shit you and your security got all those damn hits and I’m still this pretty. Nothing broken. Teeth straight. I’m still pretty as hell. All them hits! Y’all scratching and shit like bitches.”

On Tuesday, the breakfast clubs named Cam Donkey of The Day…

(Loren Fouroux | Houston | Nola) 

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