4/20 “10 Cannabis Product Ideas For Experienced Consumers And Newcomers Alike”

This year, there’s a lot of excitement around 4/20, as the cannabis holiday falls on a Saturday, which means customers will have more time to shop around and stock up on deals.

As cannabis comes closer to mainstream and legalization in the U.S. has more support than ever, more cannabis products have emerged. This year, while flower will still dominate sales, experts also anticipate that edibles and beverages will get a lot of attention, especially among new or occasional consumers.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of products from different categories that you might want to check out this 4/20, whether you are a seasoned consumer or just want to give cannabis a try. (Courtesy of Benzinga)

10. Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Bath Bomb

For people who are enthusiastic about cannabis, but aren’t looking to get high, CBD products are probably the best option. Because of the legalization of CBD on a federal level, the segment is booming and there are many great products to choose from, such as CBD-infused SPA products.

CBD bath bombs from Mary’s Nutritionals are perfect to wind down after a hard day or week. If baths are not for you, Mary’s Nutritionals has a range of other CBD-infused products.

9. MoonCloth Designs

While hemp has become popularized as the plant that CBD is extracted from, it actually has many uses, one of which is in the textile industry. Hemp fabrics are known for their durability and the plant itself is environmentally-friendly, requiring less water and land than other fiber plants. That’s why you can embrace hemp by getting yourself a table linen, or decorative pillow from MoonCloth Designs.

8. Jane West Travel Collection

The Jane West Collection has a range of cannabis accessories aimed towards women. One of the company’s collection focuses on travel accessories that allow consumers to stash their flower and lighter in a compact and discreet way. There are several sizes available, all inspired from objects that can be traditionally found in a woman’s purse.

7. L’eela CBD Body Care

L’eela CBD Body Care is another CBD-infused product line you should consider, especially since the company has recently added an After Sun Lotion that in addition to full-spectrum CBD also contains hyaluronic acid that helps skin retain moisture and repairs tissue damage.

6. mood33

Among beverages to give a shot this 4/20, we could suggest mood33, a small-batch sparkling tonic that comes in three flavors/moods: Joy, Passion and Calm. Containing fruits and plants like yerba mate, passion fruit, lime, peppermint, green tea, chamomile, and others, each flavor of mood33 comes with 10 milligrams of THC per 12-ounce bottle, while Passion and Calm also include 2.5 mg and 5mg of CBD, respectively.

5. Orchid Essentials

Orchid Essentials is another product targeting women, with a particular focus on so-called “soccer moms.” The vape pen from Orchid Essential quickly became one of the product category leaders in California and Oregon, consumers appreciating the mainstream packaging and unique terpene profiles mixed with fruits and herbs.


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4. Canndescent

Differentiation among cannabis brands also brought along some luxury cannabis products, one of which is Canndescent.

Canndescent positions itself as ultra-luxury offering a range of products such as flower, pre-rolls and stylus vape pens. Products come in signature packaging and the company pays a lot of attention to quality, cultivating cannabis with purified water and organic pest management in customized environments based on stage and strain.

3. Coda Signature Chocolate

At this point, no list of cannabis products would be complete without chocolate. For a great 4/20 sweet treat we picked Coda Signature.

Coda Signature mixes together highest-quality, ethically-sourced cocoa beans and cleanest cannabis oil obtained through supercritical CO2 extraction. The result is a line of artisanal handmade truffles and chocolate bars with 10mg of THC per serving.

2. Saka Wine

On April 18, House of Saka launched its cannabis-infused wine on the market. The company takes Rosé wine and sparkling wine from Napa Valley, removes the alcohol and replaces it with THC and CBD. The end result is a luxurious product that gives you a different kind of buzz from traditional alcoholic wine. And there’s the added bonus of fewer calories.


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1. The Pinch

The Pinch vaporizer is actually being released on 4/20.

The product is the size of a lighter, but it packs a lot of technology inside. In addition to being able to use it with conventional “510” cartridge, The Pinch comes with the company’s patent-pending charging technology that includes retractible USB, USB-C and Lightning charging connectors that allow The Pinch vaporizer to be powered up from pretty much any modern smartphone.


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