Cardi B’s Anti-shutdown Instagram Post has Lawmakers Talking

“I really feel bad for these people that got to go to f*cking work and not get motherf*cking paid.”

Cardi B has thoughts on the government shutdown, which, at 27 days, is now the longest in U.S. history. The outspoken rapper shared a passionate message via Instagram video yesterday afternoon, where she criticized President Trump (which she’s done a number of times before) and his desire to build a border wall. Voicing her concern for federal employees who have to work without pay, she urged her followers to understand the gravity of the shutdown.

Cardi’s comments arrive after the Trump administration announced it would summon tens of thousands of federal workers to resume their jobs unpaid, The New York Times reported. About 420,000 government employees are already working without pay, and 380,000 are on unpaid leave, according to earlier reporting by the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s what Cardi B had to say about the Shutdown:

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