Beyoncé Is Releasing A ‘Lemonade’ Box Set (And It’s $300)

We’re amped about this … but we’re going to need to sell some lemonade to afford one.

OK, Beyhive, we know you care: Beyoncé announced Tuesday that she’s dropping an incredible box set inspired by her ineffably gorgeous album “Lemonade.”
“Lemonade” celebrated its anniversary on April 23, but the limited-edition collectors’ edition box set is clearly created for those who want to celebrate it forever.
Aptly called the “How To Make Lemonade Box Set,” it retails for a cool $300 and offers a “comprehensive look at Beyoncé’s ‘LEMONADE’ journey.”

It includes a copy of “Lemonade” on vinyl, a numbered 600-page coffee table book with “hundreds of never-before-seen photos” from the making of the album, and audio and visual album downloads.

The massive book features a foreword from Michael Eric Dyson, poetry by Warsan Shire and Beyoncé’s personal writing and lyrics interspersed throughout.

The $300 price tag is pretty steep, but it is a collectors’ item. Though, Beanie Babies were once considered “collectors’ items” too …We’d say we’re conflicted, but let’s be real: We want one of these. (Courtesy of HuffPost)

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Twitter seems to agree:

me: Beyoncé expects me to pay $300 for a special collectors edition box set for Lemonade?!!

also me:
— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) May 2, 2017

— Seηsαłioηαl🇭🇹🇸🇾 (@Croyant) May 2, 2017

If I Buy How To Make Lemonade beyonce better be performing on every page I turn.
— D.T. (@Darlene26811165) May 2, 2017

People are complaining about a $300 Beyonce ‘Lemonade’ box set? It’s BEYONCE. She gave us life. Eat ramen for a few months and shut up.
— Sowmya Krishnamurthy (@SowmyaK) May 2, 2017

*Beyoncé releases a $300 Lemonade box set*

My Bank Account:
— 🤴🏾 (@isaacislife) May 2, 2017

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