Did Lil Wayne Just Make His Official Roc Nation Announcement?

Lil Wayne may have just casually delivered some major, major news.

During a recent performance, the rapper hopped on the mic to address the crowd, dropping a massive hint that has fans speculating he just penned a deal with Roc Nation.
“Is it cool if I just say it?” Weezy said while being met with an eruption of applause. “It’s the Roc!!!!”

He then puts his hands up to form Jay Z’s signature diamond hand sign, further adding to the excitement of the moment.

“You’re know I’m a member ofthat team now,” he says before changing the subject. “We’ll talk about that later though.”

While no other details have yet emerged regarding this mysterious new development, we’re definitely on the edge of our seats to hear more.

Take a look at Lil Wayne hinting he just signed over to the Roc Nation roster in the clip below.

Written by KC Orcutt



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