#BlackTwitter isn’t happy with Tyrese’s latest comments on women

Tyrese Gibson usually makes headlines for his musical endeavors and movie roles. But these days the star is turning heads for some questionable comments about women.

On Monday, BET uploaded a video on Twitter of the newlywed sounding off on “promiscuous women who wanna get chosen,” the tweet read.

In the clip, he said, “…overly aggressive, promiscuous women they are never without a man, because they don’t have no standards.”

“If you’re single…you’re actually holding out, because you have your value,” he continued. “ You got women that are out here active in these streets.”

While BET has since deleted the controversial post, which includes some obscene language, it’s still floating around on social media. And #BlackTwitter is still fuming, accusing Gibson of misogyny and hypocrisy. (by Najja Parker The AJC)

Here’s what a few tweeps had to say on social media:

Why would you let a “promiscuous” man use your platform to slut-shame “promiscuous” women? https://t.co/ehMgS0xx3O
— Sylvia Obell (@SylviaObell) April 10, 2017

@BET @Tyrese Another week another “lesson.” Interesting that Tyrese never focuses on male promiscuity. I guess these women are sleeping with themselves. pic.twitter.com/bpn6T1SgQW
— Kirsten (@Bothsides_now) April 10, 2017

so basically to be considered a respectable single lady you can’t have sex til you get to the after life https://t.co/yAzdXnOfrf
— Bri Malandro (@BriMalandro) April 10, 2017

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@BET @Tyrese Most People when Tyrese gives “Advice” pic.twitter.com/mXjtTR58Lk
— ykcul tniasel (@1509lucky) April 10, 2017

Tyrese stop talking forever. Please.
— Mattie James (@themattiejames) April 10, 2017

I was rooting for you Tyrese, but now I can’t mess with you.
— Minnie✌️x❤️ (@soulquariusgirl) April 11, 2017

Why do y’all give this man a platform? Have more respect for the network. https://t.co/k19NJruodu
— Professor Finesser (@HeySheridan) April 11, 2017

i always presume tyrese isn’t speaking to me since he can’t read.
b/c that’s a level of disrespect i won’t tolerate.
— fooler initiative (@metroadlib) April 10, 2017

Just last month, Gibson was in hot water for his views on women who get plastic surgery. In the now-deleted Instagram post, he said they look like “manufactured clowns.”

The singer has yet to respond to his latest controversy.

“The San Bernardino Tragedy Is Why Men Like Tyrese Need To Shut Up” -Ebony Magazine

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